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Well, what a special week that turned out to be!!!

I'm sure those who were involved will understand when we say that we're almost speechless. This is why we set up ATAC. Everyone involved took their lead from individual performances, team performances and some remarkable inspiring people. I don't think there'll be a single person who was not shocked at what they could do. The 'bar' was raised daily and I'm sure everyone involved will admit that it felt great to be a part of a great challenge!

Special thanks to so many but especially Joseff Rees for the idea/videos and Liam Bennett for owning and running the event.

Watch out for Giro d'ATAC

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That's further than Ammanford to Sydney … AND BACK! … without Turbo Tax, we cycled around the World!
That's 180 miles straight up … or climbing Mount Everest 33 times … or 689 times up the Blacks from Ammanford!

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Peter McCleave completed Ironman Wales in 2016 and weeks later was diagnosed with Myeloma Blood Cancer. The prognosis was 7 years. Peter needs a Stem Cell donor to save his life. Here we are, 4 years in and still no match. We need more people to register as Stem Cell donors. Peter’s campaign “10,000 Donors” has already pulled in an additional 57,000 donors with 15 matches - that’s 15 lives saved because people engaged with his story and gave up a few minutes … and it couldn’t be easier. Two weeks after requesting the swabs, it took less than 5 minutes to brush my gums with them and post them off in the prepaid envelope - job done! If I'm lucky enough to be matched, it’ll be one of the most rewarding things anyone could do and the procedure is a longer version of blood donation. Surely not too much to ask to save someone’s life.

Peter is 42 with 2 young lads, Max and Seb, who aren’t ready to say goodbye to Dad just yet.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop with Peter and the issue could be closer to home for any of us at any time. It already is for some ATAC Members. As part of our Tour de ATAC Challenge, we'd like to raise awareness and to consider registering as a donor - it only takes 5 minutes to save a life!

Team competition:
The winning team is the team that racks up the most cycling miles over the period of the event. Everyone who enters will be randomly assigned to a team. Teams will be announced prior to start of event.
Individual competitions (male and female competitions):
Yellow Jersey: furthest individual distance during the Tour
Green Jersey: Points available each day for the 10 fastest average speeds over any non-downhill segment longer than 0.5 mile. 10 points for the fastest down to 1 point. Winner is the person with the highest points total at the end of the competition.
Polka-dot Jersey: Points will be accumulated for each ride with over 500ft of elevation as follows: Hors: > 5000ft - 8pts Cat 1: > 3000ft - 5pts Cat 2: > 2000ft - 3pts Cat 3: > 1000ft - 2pts Cat 4: > 500ft - 1pt This is total elevation in one ride on one day. Points will be accumulated for each individual ride, so someone with two Category 1 rides on 2 days will have more points than someone with one Hors Category ride.
White Jersey: U30s Competition
TT Stage 10 mile ride over any non-downhill route. You nominate it as your TT when you submit your ride. TT rides have a separate TT leaderboard and earn you and your team a 10 mile bonus on top of the ride. You get one chance to do this over the 9 days. TT ride segments do not count towards the green jersey.
Daily Combativity Award: Every day, a panel decides the day’s most aggressive rider. Not necessarily the longest, highest or fastest ride.
Super Combativity Award: the most aggressive rider throughout the entire Tour
Daily updates will be provided on all competitions.
To take part:
Each time you do a ride during the period you'll need to submit your ride on the page above … Distance: e.g. 34.1 miles Elevation: e.g. 620ft Outdoors/Turbo TT Stage: Yes/No Fastest average speed on non-downhill segment more than 0.5 miles: e.g. 17.4mph Strava link/Screenshot
It's not a requirement, but it'll help others see what's happening if you also added the hashtags #tourdeatac and #team... depending on your team to your Strava ride!
Turbo rides
Turbo rides are permitted, but there will be a 15% reduction in distance and elevation. e.g. do a 20 mile ride on Zwift with 500ft elevation it will be counted as a 17 mile ride with 425ft elevation. Turbo TT stages must be 11.5 miles long to be valid.
Small Print
Please ensure you observe social distancing measures and all other Welsh Government guidelines at all times, and please also respect the space of other road users and pedestrians. The most relevant guidelines are as follows: * You must cycle alone or only with a member of your or one other household. Cycling in groups larger than that is not allowed, regardless of whether social distancing practices are followed. * 5 mile rule is still in place and means that for any ride that goes further than 5 miles from your home you must start and finish at home. *
PLEASE NOTE: It looks likely that these guidelines may be modified or removed on 6th July, but they will still apply until the Government's announcement is made. Until that point any rides in groups of more than 2 households will be deemed void.

We are continuously monitoring the advice from our local government and sporting governing bodies.
All challenges should be conducted within those guidelines -

If any part of the Challenges proposed are unclear along guidelines, please email with concerns or questions - the committee and event organiser will review the details and respond within 48 hours.

Together with our sponsors, we share a passion to invest in our community and build on the talents we have to offer …